What we do

B31 is a Digital Concept Development and Brand Strategy studio who specialize in working with NGOs and businesses with a focus on CSR to create better digital projects and products for their members and target audience.

Our goal is to use our expertise and experience to help them make sure that the money is spent wisely and put to the best use possible.

Why we do it

We believe that the digital space has huge potential, and part of that potential should be used to help those business and organisations who are in the world to help others.

By combining years of experience working with NGO's and working with Digital Concept Development, Design and Brand Strategy, we believe we can help those same organisations to create even better projects and products.

How do we do it?

The way we create our solutions at B31 is by using our many years of working inside different NGO's and mixing it with our knowledge about Design, Digital Concept Develop and Brand Strategy. Our approach is closely related to what you also see in field of human-centered-design.

Our main goal is to focus on how the end-user would use the products we create. To do that we always turns to the organisations and businesses we work with. And one of the great benefits of specialising in and working with NGO's, is that most of the time there is a lot of existing ressource and expertise embedded in those organisations, so another big part of our work is to figure out how we can bring them into creative proces.

This also one of the reasons why we are defining us as Digital Concept Development and Brand Strategy studio. For us it is more than just designing a landing page, webshop or a digital platform. It is as much about trying to figuring out which direction a specific project should take and which digital tools are the right ones to use. And more importantly knowing why.

Who are we?

The main person behind B31 Studio, is Anders Berenth. He is the founder and main Project Manager and UX-Designer on the different projects that B31 are involved in.

Anders has an educational background in Political Science at Copenhagen University, Multimedia Design and Digital Concept Development at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

He has also been involved with different NGO's through out the years, The Danish Association of Youth With Disabilities (SUMH) as a boardmember, The Danish Association of the Physically Disabled(DHF), The Danish Red Cross Youth and Muskelsvindfonden to name a few.

Beside B31 Studio, Anders did also co-founding the Digital Design and Webdevelopment firm Underscore 330, and have experience working with business like YouSee and Dwarf.

The rest of the team

One of the ways that B31 Studio works on especially bigger projects is by hiring in different collaborators and freelancers when needed.

The reason for using collaborators and freelancers is that the skillset required can differs a lot between projects. Sometimes there is a need for an extra developer or designer, and other times there is a need for professional video material that works on multiple platform.

All of this is part of that onboarding process that we do with our clients. And a lot of the work we do in beginning is to figure out exactly what kind of job there is to be done and how that factors into different pain and gain points for our client. When we have figured out those points out, we can then begin to form a strategy for the project and brand as a whole. Which in turn dictates how the finally product will turn out.

Here are some of our clients and business partners

Great Minority

Nossell & Co

We Are Wonder

Grøn Koncert


Dansk Handicap Forbund